Online Printers Support

Why Choose Online Printer Support?

With a proven track record of success, Online Printer Support has emerged as one of the most effectively growing service providers for home system, home office systems as well as system for small and medium-sized businesses. We boast years of success in providing you our customers and clients with a complete range of online and software support services and repairs among other technical and light issues associated with your printer(s). We provide you with a cost-efficient and budget-fitting service by a team of expertly trained technicians and professionals certified by leading printing manufacturers in the industry to include:

  • HP
  • Canon
  • Brother
  • Dell
  • and more

Our aim is to provide you with a central location that caters to solving all your printer issues. We are available seven (7) to provide you with live and direct responses and quick solutions to your problems.

We know the importance of time and as such, we value you reaching out to us to help you. No longer do you need to call a repair shop or deal with those inefficient technicians who does not know what quality service means. We here at Online Printer Support has implemented a software that allows easy access to your station to detect the issue and provide a possible solution without any stress. While you focus on your home duties and multi-tasking in your home office, we know how complicated things can be to go out for servicing. While we access your system through our designed software, you can watch every step we take in getting the job done. We have invested in this effective service based on the response of you our valued customers and/or clients who needed fast servicing without having to wait for a long arrival period.

Here are a few or the many issues we can help you with: Printers have become an integral part of the computer-hardware system, where persons can have a physical copy of what they have produced through typing and otherwise. There are many manufacturers of printers in the industry that are mainly used in home, offices and other business and/or personal location. The printers are designed to suit the affordability and needs of each individual customer. Some of these printer makes include: Dell, Canon, HP, Kodak, Brother, Epson, Samsung, Toshiba, Ricoh and Lexmark. They are made in different styles, sizes and with many different features.

Why choose Online Printer Support 

Like many other computer devices, printers are man-made and can develop faults at any given time. They are designed with varied encrypted programs and system configuration that if setup incorrectly, can malfunction within a short time period. With wrong setup also, there may be other underlined development issues. With these issues, Online Printer Support has assembled a team of professionals that knows printers “in and out”. Our technicians as noted are trained and certified in the industry to diagnose problems, assessed the extent of the issue, analyze the issue and brainstorm to initially providing a solution that works.

Why choose Online Printer Support

We offer both remote technical solution as well as *possible in-person report and assessment. While many of the problems the printer faces can be resolved remotely, such as software and drivers related issues, there are also more complex issues which we may need to visit to resolve. We cover a wide range of problems and provide the following services:

  • HP Printer Support
  • Epson Printer Support
  • Brother Printer Support
  • Canon Printer Support
  • Dell Printer Support
  • Ricoh Printer Support
  • Toshiba Printer Support
  • Samsung Printer Support
  • Lexmark Printer Support
  • Toshiba Printer Support
  • Kodak Printer Support

We also provide support services for the following printer issues:

  • Printer Driver Install and related issues
  • Support for Printer Troubleshooting
  • Printers Printing slow or other Speed Related problems
  • Support for Printer Setup and Configuration on windows
  • Network – Printers Issues or router connectivity issues
  • Wi-Fi connectivity to printer problems
  • Printer Driver and related other issues
  • Printer optimization and tune up
  • Paper Jamming issue and slow printing problem
  • Printer alignment and functional/mechanical problem
  • Support for Print Spooler Problem with Printer

How to Install/Load Printer Driver?

Installing drivers on your printer all depends on the operating system you have as well as the configuration settings of the users’ system. When purchasing your printer, in most occasion, you are given a compact disk which is essential when setting up your printer. The manufacturers generally outline the step by step process and other vital information on these disks. They help to eliminate all chances of errors as well as help you sort certain issues easily. When installing the driver, you must ensure your computer has adequate memory space that will be comfortable enough to efficient store the various settings and configuration. However, if you happen to encounter any issues during the installation process or simply need additional information, you may feel free to contact our support line at 1-888-883-5055. Our online support team is always ready and available to assist you.

Our process of setting up your printer?

Setting up a printer is important in having it functioning effectively and efficiently. In order to get all the service functioning correctly, you must ensure all steps in setting up are followed directly. Printers can be set up and used on your PC, laptops, tablets and phone (android, iPhone, etc.) as well as other portable devices. Our technicians know all the how to about setting up and can walk you through the complete process. They will provide the various assistance in configuring all that needs to, provide coding (if needed) and all other aspects of setting up. While our technicians do their job, you can be guaranteed of full safety and security for your data that is on your system. We will never breach your privacy while we strive to get the job done efficiently and provide you with full 100% satisfaction. 

How to allow the printer to function effectively on your devices?

After installing the printer, printing is still yet to come after full effective and correct setting up. The average printer requires the assistance or technical support to efficiently setup that knows and will ensure all steps and procedures are duly followed and carried out. When setting up, in most instance, the process has to be done via a computer or a laptop as there are various steps which have to be done including but not limited to setting up the printer on a network and more. If you have setup or feel the need to have further assistance, you are free to call our support line at 1-888-883-5055 and speak with one of our team members.

How do I re-install or un-install printer drivers?

Like the installation process can be a tricky or technical one, so does the same process of un-installing and/or re-installing the printer drivers can be a hard task if you are unaware of what you are doing. When you are un-installing or re-installing your printer drivers, you must ensure you know the proper procedures in doing. If you are not sure, then reaching out to a certified technician but be the ultimate decision. The tech support will ensure all is done to par and eliminate or reduce the chance of having any further issues being developed. We will provide the steps you need or if you feel, we will get the job done for you. Feel free to contact one of our tech assistants today for further guidance.

Our Printer Technical Support Contact

No matter the question you have about your printer, do not be afraid to call us, we will provide all the answers you need. We are a simple call away at 1-888-883-5055 at which a technician will assist you in a short period of time. When you call, we will take you through all the necessary details and assistance you need until the issue is resolved. Our techs are well trained, professional in their service and certified in the industry to provide you with the best service and quality results.

How to install a printer without CD?

Here is a simple step-by-step procedure you need to follow in order to setup your printer via the CD you receive at purchase:

  1. Make sure the printer is in close range to your computer
  2. Turn on the printer
  3. Plug the printer’s USB cable into your computer
  4. Open the “start” option on your computer and search for printer and scanners. After opening the option, select add a printer or scanner
  5. When loaded, select your printer’s name and follow the detailed on-screen steps which follow.

If you need further assistance, you are free to call us anytime. 

How to setup a wireless printer in windows 10?

Setting up a wireless printer in Windows 10 is practically simple and hassle free. On powering on your devices, i.e. your computer and printer, you will go to the start option on your computer, select settings then go to devices and then selecting the option printers and scanners. After opening, you will select add a printer or scanner which will spend a few minutes to identify printers that are in range of the network. When completed, select your printer name and option add device and follow the further on-screen steps.

Bear in mind that in order for the process to be successful, you must ensure your computer and printer are both connected to a strong and efficient network.

If you need further assistance, you are free to call us anytime. 

Unable to install printer drivers on the computer?

  1. Set windows to automatically download on your computer the relevant driver software. Double check to ensure the option “automatically update” is selected. (Check your computer’s settings and change the device installation settings in the control panel. When the relevant window opens, select yes and save your choice).
  2. Connect your printer to your computer

Before the driver installation process starts, you must ensure your printer is connected to your computer via the USB cable, Wireless connection or by the wired connection to your network.

  1. Install the printer driver

You will then install the printer driver through the “Add a Printer” option. Wireless connection can be connected through Windows 10,8, Wireless and/or Wired Connection through Windows 7, Vista or via USB connection on all operating system. Then wait for the process to complete.

  1. Test the Printer

You can then go ahead and try to print or scan a document. If it works, then the drivers were installed efficiently. If not, then call our technicians and they will help you get it done correctly or they will do it for you.

Printer Not Found During Network Driver Setup?

The steps in resolving this issue is quite simple by following the following steps:

  1. Restart all your devices in terms of your computer, printer and router. This will allow any network or communication error to be eliminated and start afresh. You can do a power restart by unplugging from the main power source and re-plugging then booting. If the printer is found after you power on, then the issue has been resolved and if not, then the issue still persist and can be resolved through the following steps:
  2. Check to ensure that the network and printer connection status is intact and the network is working efficiently. After checking and all is well but still not found, then you may be required to do some other technical issues.
  3. You may need to manually connect your printer to the network but only through wireless connection only. The manual process can be done via the touch or text-based control panel on the printer.
  4. If you are having any issues at all, feel free to call our team and we will do the necessary works for you.
  5. If the manual process still does not allow the printer to show up, then you may need to reset the printer system. This process must be done by a professional in order to reduce the chances of any errors.